#34 replicated cluster


I have written a Java implementation of the TOTEM
protocol, as published by a research group at UCSB.
The protocol has several features:

1. Messages are multicast, rather than sent point-to-
point, leading to good scalability with respect to the
number of receivers.

2. It is reliable. Endpoints in the protocol form a
group, and the protocol enforces that either all
members of the group receive a message, or the members
that did all failed. Retransmission of dropped
messages is done using NAKs rather than ACKs.

3. All members of a group deliver the messages to the
application in the same order. This (a.k.a. total
ordering) is implemented using a rotating token.

4. It has an effective flow control algorithm. The
flow control information is piggybacked on the token.
Because on small LANs most messages are lost because
of buffer overflow, flow control is the determining
factor in the ultimate performance of the protocol.
Basically it works so well that hardly any messages
are ever dropped.

5. The last feature is my own humble contribution to
this protocol. Because the flow control put in by UCSB
requires a window size to be tuned by hand, I put in a
form of congestion avoidance and control algorithm
that dynamically tunes the window size. So no tuning
is needed. The algorithm is based on the CAC algorithm
used in TCP.

I implemented this in Java after spending months
researching how to best use multicasting to write a
coherent cache for a job I was doing. On my 455Mhz
pIII it performs at about 4000 1kb messages per
second. I was going to build other things on top of
it, like a replicated EJB server, but the fun part was
the protocol, and I have kind of lost interest.
However, you already have an EJB server. If you can
see how to use this protocol to your advantage, and
you have someone to devote to working on this, I am
interested in talking to you.

Best regards,


  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    Whoops. Guglielmo can be reached at lichtner@bway.net

  • Juha Lindfors

    Juha Lindfors - 2003-09-23
    • status: open --> closed-rejected

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