#193 Cannot use check-valid-connection-sql on sybase w/o tx

Antti Lehto

When using check-valid-connection in *-ds.xml, cannot
use EJB's without transaction.

When doing conn.createStatement() inside
non-transactional (transaction=never) sessionbean, pool
tries to set autocommit to true. This makes sybase
throw exception, because it cannot alter state of
autocommit in the middle of a transaction. The
transaction begins when check-valid-connection-sql is run.

Is it possible to run check-valid-connection-sql with
autocommit=true or perform rollback after sql is run?
It would prevent this error.

here's a snippet from xxx-ds.xml:



Haven't yet tried this with other databases.


  • Antti Lehto

    Antti Lehto - 2004-04-23

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    Forgot versions:
    JBoss 3.2.3
    Sybase ASE 12.5
    JConnect 5.5

  • Adrian Brock

    Adrian Brock - 2004-04-23
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  • Adrian Brock

    Adrian Brock - 2004-04-23

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    This sounds like a bug with the Sybase driver

    According to the javadocs for setAutoCommit()
    "NOTE: If this method is called during a transaction, the
    transaction is committed."
    i.e. when it does setAutoCommit(true) it should commit
    the transaction.

    I've heard of a couple of funnies with Sybase which
    <no-tx-separate-pools/> fixes (although this was meant as
    for OracleXA - OracleXA would definitely dislike
    setAutoCommit(true) running that query)

    You can fix it yourself, simply add

    based on the default implementation:

    You might need to be careful, becuase the value of
    autocommit could
    be true or false when this routine runs.

    If you get it to work, please submit the workaround back.

  • Adrian Brock

    Adrian Brock - 2004-05-10
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  • Scott M Stark

    Scott M Stark - 2004-09-11
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