#120 JBossIDE: Integrate Log4j GUI tools

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Hans & JBossIDE folks --

This is a great project. Thanks for everything
you've done. Here's an idea I had that you may want to

Currently, the server logs are redirected to the
Eclipse console. All of the server logs are log4j
logs, AFAICT, so it should be possible to redirect
these logs to one of the available log4j GUIs. There
are two, I believe, that come bundled with log4j --
LogFactor5, and Chainsaw. I've used both and find them
both to be useful.

Since we know that the users are using a GUI when they
use JBossIDE, it makes sense to use a GUI-based log
reporting tool, instead of the console.

- Matt


  • Hans Dockter

    Hans Dockter - 2003-02-27
    • assigned_to: nobody --> hans_d
  • Hans Dockter

    Hans Dockter - 2003-02-27

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    This I a good idea and it's on our list.

  • Hans Dockter

    Hans Dockter - 2003-02-28
    • labels: 316844 --> JBoss-IDE
  • Dag Liodden

    Dag Liodden - 2003-03-27

    Logged In: YES

    See posting in JBossIDE (March 25th) forum on jboss.org
    (which is down at the moment, so I can't provide a link).


  • Laurent Etiemble

    • assigned_to: hans_d --> letiemble
    • status: open --> closed-postponed

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