#3 NoClassDefFound javax/sql/XADataSource

v2.2 (stable)

see server.log

this behaviour happens, if i put the informix jdbc
driver into $jboss/lib/ext and configure a informix
datasource using "com.informix.jdbcx.IfxXADataSource"
as DataSourceClassname.
Any other datasources still works (means find the
jdbc2_0 jar), just the informixDS doesn't. Strange,
isn't it ?
Deleting the jdbc2_0.jar causes all datasources to fail
with the described error.
Bringing it back again will cause only the informixDS
to fail.
If using the minerva xa-wrapper, the datasource works,
but container-transactions won't work "xaRES not
enlisted" but this seems to be a different problem :-)
By the way i wondered about the great number of
databases supported, but still informix is missing.
I can provide a jaws.xml for informix, if someone is

Kind regards


  • Nobody/Anonymous

    server log showing error

  • Andreas Schaefer

    Logged In: YES

    Try to add the jdbc2_0-stdext.jar into the classpath by
    adding a Classpath Extention in the jboss.conf file.

  • Andreas Schaefer

    • assigned_to: nobody --> schaefera
  • Andreas Schaefer

    • status: open --> closed-out-of-date

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