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JBlooming 3.4 available

The new version of the JBlooming java web development framework, 3.4, is on line at http://www.jblooming.org

In particular, this version is fully documented with an extended tutorial and on line samples.

JBlooming is a set of tools for increasing the power of jsp based presentations. The primary aim of this framework is increasing productivity.
It also happens that by using JBlooming you get beautiful, simple pages, but that is a side effect.
We want to use as much as possible java apis and o-o modeling for designing interfaces; so we didn't use tags, but introduced an object oriented technique for using jsp templates.... read more

Posted by pietro polsinelli 2005-12-16

3.2.7046 released with forum

This release includes a powerful forum as a sample application.

Posted by pietro polsinelli 2005-07-05