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Project is mostly dead...

I have been far too busy with other things lately, and have somewhat lost interest in this project. If anyone wants to take it over, let me know.

In the meantime, I will still field information requests, but the coding on this project has ceased.

Posted by elliott 2004-05-28

Slow progress

Due to grad school work, I am having some difficulty devoting time to this project. I do still work on it occasionally, but work is slow.
Also, as other more mainstream tools are becoming better (ie swat and redhat-config-samba), there is less need for this type of project.
If anyone is still interested in this project, let me know...

Posted by elliott 2003-10-13

Back at it

After some time away, I have begun work on the next version again. The interface is getting an updatae (use of JTree model), and hopefully I will be able to improve the overall load speed with some added threading in certain instances.

Stay tuned, as the progress is slow, but know that progress is being made.

Posted by elliott 2003-08-06

New version in the works (2.x)

Amazingly enough, I have started work on a new version. The new version will have a tree interface, so you can see a heirarchical view of the file system and decide which directories to share based on that. I will upload a few screen shots of the work in progess to the project homepage soon.

Because of the major rewrite, the new version will be jbgits_2.x series. A new cvs dir was created. The code in there works, but currently doesn't do much.

Posted by elliott 2003-06-16

New version in the future

I have decided to do a complete rework of the code base. The new version will include better graphical elements, and should be more user friendly.
The new version will build off of what I learned making the first version.

Stay tuned!!

Posted by elliott 2003-02-07

Busy, Busy, Busy...

I have been extremely busy with other projects lately.
A rewrite of most of the code base is in the works. I have not decided whether to make the next version have a client and a server module, or be just a stand alone server version (like the current version), or to be a remote server version. Let me know what you think in the forums...

Posted by elliott 2003-01-24

New version up...

Version 1.2 is here and ready for you!
See the version notes for changes.

Posted by elliott 2002-12-21

Thinking Ahead...

The next version of JBGITS will include cryptography for keeping the contents of the .settings file secure, and for login/authentication purposes. Since this program must be run as root for certain things to function (like being able to save the smb.conf file after modification, and being able to restart the samba deamon) it makes sense to add some security features.
I have also been considering making a remote client that can access the program via a secure socket. This would involve a new JBGITS branch. The two branches would be a stand alone version (like the current one), and a version that has a client and a server part. The server is run on the host as a process, and the client connects to it. I have been considering implementing the small server module in C, but I may stick with Java for portability. The client will definately remain Java based though.
Most of this is stricktly hypothesis right now. I am not decided on what to do next. If you have any ideas, let me know...

Posted by elliott 2002-11-23

GZip/tarred source files up.

The latest version release now has the gunzipped/tarred version of the source files up.

Posted by elliott 2002-10-30

New version is now up.

The latest version is now up. Check out all version_1.1.3 has to offer!

Posted by elliott 2002-10-25

New version coming soon.

Within the next couple of days I will upload the new version of JBGITS. The majority of the information in the "Info" buttons has been coded. The information is actually pulled from a file. This file can be edited to suit your own understanding of the parameters, granted you follow the simple file syntax.
There are a few areas to work out yet, so I have not moved the project past the beta stage. The program is functional however. A few bugs need to be fixed, and some features will be added. In addition I will undoubtedly optimize my code a little bit.
Look for the latest (and greatest I must say) beta in the next couple of days!

Posted by elliott 2002-10-24

Changes to File Release

I changed the package names and subheaders for the file releases. I have decided on a more sensible convention.
Unfortunately, all the accumulated hits that I had with the old convention were lost. The old version files are still available though, they have just been moved to another package and hidden. If you would like a copy of them, or would like to see their return, email me. I have kept up the most recent two versions.

Posted by elliott 2002-10-17

Updated Project Home Page

The project Home Page ( has been update.
Updates include:
Minor revisions to main page.
Updated screenshots/images

Posted by elliott 2002-10-06

New distribution format

As of the latest release, jbgits_1.1.2, the packages of executable classes have been changed to a single executable .jar file.
The .jar file, jbgits_x.2_run.jar, can be run by entering something similar to:
/path_to_java/java -jar jbgits_x.2_run.jar

Hopefully this will simplify distribution and use. If you need more information on how to run it, please see the Docs section at

Posted by elliott 2002-10-04

New version now available.

The next version is out [Version 1.1.1 in the 1.1.x line]. Featuring more gui elements to interact with smb.conf.

Posted by elliott 2002-09-22

CVS is cooking.

Having been brought initially to a rolling boil, then placed on simmer and stirred gently, CVS is progressing nicely with some new functionality and added features. Many recent updates to both functionality and user friendliness.

Posted by elliott 2002-09-18

JBGITS forum is up/working

The forum is up and working at

Posted by elliott 2002-09-14


A simple how-to for binary installation has been added. As I do not excel at creating documentation, if anyone wishes to do more, I would be very grateful (and give them credit on the project web page too).

Posted by elliott 2002-09-13

New screenshots up

Check them out on the project website. The screenshots are at Some information about each shot is also given.

Posted by elliott 2002-09-13

Updated Development status

I have updated the development status to Alpha. The current release works, but does not have all the functionality of the current cvs branch that will eventually become the beta release (Version 1.1.x).

Posted by elliott 2002-09-11

Forthcoming version info (1.1.x)

Version 1.1.x will provide a more intuitive gui with which to interact with smb.conf. Instead of simply acting as a text editor, JBGITS will have an easy to use (hopefully) GUI that will provide means for creating a new share, viewing shares, editing shares, and much more. Version 1.1.1 is still under heavy construction. To see what is currently developed, please peruse the project CVS.

Posted by elliott 2002-09-09

Fixed errors unpacking .tar.gz files

During regular testing of release files, I found that errors were produced when extracting the .tar.gz files on a linux box (in my case RedHat 7.3). It appeared that everything unpacked and ran/compiled ok, but it still returned errors. I fixed the problem by re-archiving the files from withing the ReHat 7.3 test machine. There should be no further errors relating to this issue .

Posted by elliott 2002-09-07

Errors unpacking .tar.gz files

During regular testing of release files, I found that errors are produced when extracting the .tar.gz files on a linux box (in my case RedHat 7.3). It appears that everything unpacks and runs/compiles ok, but it still returns errors. I will attempt to clear this up for the next file release.

Posted by elliott 2002-08-29

CVS has been cleared

I had the sourceforge team clear out my CVS. I had done some initial testing and it had gotten messy. Thanks for the quick work sourceforge!

Posted by elliott 2002-08-28

Update: 8/27/02

File release update. Version 1.0.2 released. Minor fixes.

For release info:
For files:

Posted by elliott 2002-08-28

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