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  • Chihhong Cheng

    Chihhong Cheng - 2013-01-08

    Release note (Version 0.2)
    * Enable error-estimate due to imprecision of double.
    * Enable precise derivation for counter-examples.

    Last edit: Chihhong Cheng 2013-01-08
  • Chihhong Cheng

    Chihhong Cheng - 2013-01-12

    Perform bug fix in error-estimation.

  • Chihhong Cheng

    Chihhong Cheng - 2013-01-15

    Release note (Version 0.3)
    1. Precise error estimation following the text in the working draft.
    2. Users can now directly select "automatic error estimation" rather than picking an error-estimate themselves.

    Last edit: Chihhong Cheng 2013-01-15
  • Chihhong Cheng

    Chihhong Cheng - 2013-01-25

    Release note (ver0.3; revision 2)
    Fix input reading problem in assume-guarantee style specifications.

  • Chihhong Cheng

    Chihhong Cheng - 2013-03-06

    Release note (ver0.3; revision 3)
    Fix input spacing problem in assume-guarantee style specifications.

  • Chihhong Cheng

    Chihhong Cheng - 2013-03-19

    Release note (ver0.3; revision 4)
    Allow to use automatic error detection in assume-guarantee style properties.

    Previously this feature is not included. Therefore, if any user tries to use JBernstein 0.3r3 to check assume-guarantee style properties, they need to modify the code of JBernstein, making their project GPL as well.

    Now this restriction is removed.

    Last edit: Chihhong Cheng 2013-03-19
  • Chihhong Cheng

    Chihhong Cheng - 2013-03-27

    Release note (ver0.3; revision 5)

    Slightly change the title, so that the version in softpedia can properly use JBernstein as the name of the tool.

  • Chihhong Cheng

    Chihhong Cheng - 2013-04-02

    Release note (ver0.3; revision 6)

    Enrich the readme file

  • Chihhong Cheng

    Chihhong Cheng - 2014-05-20

    Release note (ver0.3; revision 7)

    Minor improvement for error estimation. Originally in range transformation, if the absolute value of the lower bound is below 1, then the estimation uses 1 to over-approximate. Now the solver refines it by using 0.25, 0.5, 0.75, and 1.


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