Current status of jb2csharp ?

  • jeromeg

    jeromeg - 2002-02-10

    Hi there,

    I was just wondering what's the current status of this project since the latest available build is dated 2001-09-09...
    Even though I'm not a guru nor an expert in c#, I've used the language quite a bit, and I'm willing to help if I can.

    Cheers  /jerome

    • Nick Drochak

      Nick Drochak - 2002-02-11

      I haven't really been working on it since I got it to work with calc grammar.  I started it because the Mono project ( needed it.  However, they won't need it for a while and so I have been working on other, higher priority tasks there.

      If you want to work on it, I can give you some advice/guidance and let you know what needs to be done from here, but I won't have any time for it myself for a while.  At least not until it becomes a top priority for Mono.

      Nick D.


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