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Still here...

Sorry for the dealy. My "month" in which I hoped to post some new code is almost up, and I'm not going to have much to show for it. It's been rather busy for me lately. But it's a high item on my personal to-do list, as I need it for some of my own projects as well. Thanks for sticking around!

Posted by Mark Ziesemer 2005-07-17

Users of Jazzy

Current users of Jazzy 0.5:

JSPSpellCheck - http://sourceforge.net/projects/jspspellcheck
JEdit Plugin - http://plugins.jedit.org/plugins/?JazzyPlugin
Ekit - http://www.hexidec.com/ekit.php
Webhtmleditor - http://webhtmleditor.sourceforge.net
Roller - http://www.rollerweblogger.org/page/project

Not listed? Please reply to this item and let us know. We'd be happy to post your link, and know that our work is benefiting others!

Posted by Mark Ziesemer 2005-06-19

Removal of "dead" developer accounts.

I sent out an email to all currently listed developers. If the mail bounced, or if I don't hear back from someone within 2 weeks, I'll be limiting or removing accounts as appropriate, just to keep things clean. Im not trying to limit access by all means, Id like to see membership active and grow! However, I dont see any use keeping inactive counts around at a minimum, every developer should at least have a working email address setup on their SourceForge account in case they need to be contacted for items relating to SourceForges policies.... read more

Posted by Mark Ziesemer 2005-06-19

New Changes on the way!

Thanks to a welcome response from aim4min, along with some previous work on my own clone of Jazzy, hopefully we can start a new round of development, and keep Jazzy up-to-date!

My main intention was to add support for as-you-type spell checking, which required several revisions to the API.

My intention is to polish off what I've been working on locally then post it to CVS here for comments and suggestions. Hopefully this will lead to a 2.0 release!... read more

Posted by Mark Ziesemer 2005-06-19