Dan Grindstaff - 2009-09-11

Hello, I have code that uses the english.0 dictionary but I also want to add the eng_comm and other dictionaries to the code.  Below I have pasted the code as it exists now.  Could someone point out how and where I might add the other dictionaries? TIA

protected void setUp() {
        String dictionary = "/dict/english.0";
        checker = new SpellChecker();
        for (StringTokenizer strtok = new StringTokenizer(dictionary, " ;:"); strtok
                .hasMoreElements();) {
            InputStream is = getClass().getResourceAsStream(strtok.nextToken());
            try {
                checker.addDictionary(new SpellDictionaryHashMap(
                        new InputStreamReader(is)));
            } catch (IOException ex) {
        misspelled = new ArrayList();