sffan - 2005-01-23

I am new to Jazzy and I am trying to implement it in my application. Here is my code. My problem is, for spell check it always opens 2 dialog boxes. If somebody can help me, that would be great.

This is in my Application class.

public static SpellDictionary engDictionary;
private String englishDictPath = "c:\\dict\\english.0";

public Application() {
try {
File englishDictFile = new File(englishDictPath);
Application.engDictionary = new SpellDictionaryHashMap(englishDictFile);
catch(Exception ex)
{ System.out.println(ex.Message);

In my form, I have a text area called Notes and I am trying to activate the SpellCheck in its lostfocus event. I modified the Jazzy code in JTextComponentSpellChecker.spellCheck() method, just commented this line, textComp.requestFocus(); sothat after spell check it will not bring the focus again to textarea. Here is my code in Notes lost focus method.

JTextComponentSpellChecker spellCheckerComp = new JTextComponentSpellChecker(Application.engDictionary, "Spell Check");
spellCheckerComp.spellCheck( jtxaNotes );

But when it brings up the spellcheck dialog, if I reposition them I can see 2 dialog boxes one under another. Can somebody tell me why is it. Thank you.