How do I use jazzy for other languages?

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous - 2003-09-29

    I have used jazzy for English.It works great.How do I use it for French or any other language?

    I also read "About the dict and phonetic files"  message posted in the forum. I would like to get some modified implementations of classes so that it works for other languages too.


    • Robert Hedebrand


      If you wan't to use jazzy for any language besides english you'll have to use a wordfile for yor language (couldn't have guessed that ;-) ) and a phonetic file. Threre is a phonetic file for french for example in the dict directory. Then you just constructs the dictionary type of your choice with the wordfile and the phonetic file and it should work fine. Don't know if this is the answeres you needed, if not ask again and I will try to reply a bit faster this time :-)

    • Quan Nguyen

      Quan Nguyen - 2005-04-05

      I have successfully i18n adapted Jazzy for spell checking Vietnamese text. The adaption required some modifications to the Jazzy source code from the CVS.

      Details of the change can be found in


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