using jazzy as part of commercial software

  • tphuang

    tphuang - 2004-07-20


    I tried to contact the email address on about using jazzy as part of my company's commericial software, but never got a reply.  Who can I talk to about this?

    Thank you

    • Robert Hedebrand

      Well since Jazzy is released under LGPL(Lesser General Public Licence) linking into non GPL or non LGPL software should be allowed as long as you make any changes you may do to Jazzy public.
      So as far as I know Yes. But then again  I'm no layer.

    • tphuang

      tphuang - 2004-07-20

      I'm actually not making any changes to jazzy, I just want to take part of jazzy, basically, the entire spell engine folder.  I didn't modify any files.  I just took the files I needed and put them into my program.  Is that okay?  And when you say make the changes public, would do I need to do to make it public?

    • Robert Hedebrand

      Before I say anything... I'm no layer and this is my interpretation of the LGPL licens.
      But OK that could be considered copying rather than linking which is not allowed under LGPL. So to be safe you should just link the binary into your program which in java would mean that you either use the jazzy.jar or include the .class files of jazzy into your jar file.
      If you are a bit more adventurous it might work if you keep the pakage structure and don't do any changes to the sourcefiles when you copy them into your project (this could be considered similar to linking or adding the class files), but of this I'm not sure.
      About making any changes public. The Licence says (I think) that any changes to the code has to also be made LGPL which means that you have to supply anyone who recives the binary of your program with the source if requested. If you are a nice guy you could post a patch to the jazzy project too :-)
      If you want to have a look for yourself try out these webpages:
      The LGPL licence:
      General info about opensource licenses:

    • tphuang

      tphuang - 2004-07-23

      okay, I think I will just include .class files into my jar file.  The thing is I haven't made any changes, I simply just copied the .java files into the same directory as my other source code and compiled it.  So, I'm probably never going to change it, I will just use the .class file that's all.

      • Maxym Mykhalchuk

        If you want to be 100% sure not to break any laws, you should better download jazzy library jar, and distribute this library together with your soft.

        Also it's necessary to have the text of Lesser GNU Public License in the file with jazzy. It can be the jar or anywhere else, but two messages must be clearly stated somewhere in a deep readme (that noone reads ;-)):
        - "we use jazzy"
        - "jazzy is LGPL"


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