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Jazilla Milestone 4 released

Jazilla Milestone 4 (yes, no alpha or beta this time) has been released.

There aren't a lot of new features in this release, but instead I have improved XUL support a lot (getting closer to Mozilla compliant by the release) and some stability bug fixes.

Binary download:

Source + Binary download (a.k.a "raw dump"):

Posted by Mathew McBride 2004-06-26

Jazilla Milestone 3 Released

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Posted by Mathew McBride 2003-12-27

Jazilla Milestone 2 Released

Jazilla is a project to rewrite/implement/emulate the Mozilla browser suite under Java.

Jazilla Milestone 2 has been released. This release removes all hard coded elements from the user interface, includes some CSS support, adds a user agent, some DOM support and a switch to XPFE.

Posted by Mathew McBride 2003-08-03

Jazilla Milestone 2 Alpha Released

Jazilla aims to be a java clone of Mozilla with a simular architecture.

Milestone 2 Alpha has been released and includes the removal of all hard coded GUI widgets, some HTML onclick support for buttons, span tags with style="text-decoration: xxx" attribs. Milestone 2 is also rock solid, as there is yet no way to crash Jazilla.

Jazilla, however, is strictly work in progress.

It can be downloaded at read more

Posted by Mathew McBride 2003-07-04

Jazilla Is Alive and Well!

In an effort to stop people thinking (we at least on usenet) that Jazilla is *cough* dead, I wish to say that Jazilla is alive again.

I am currently working on <browser> tag and JavaScript support for Jazilla/hacked jXUL.

I took over the Jazilla project last August and have since scrapped the old JavaGator based code and forked jXUL.

Anyone interested in helping out should contact me at I am the only one helping at the moment, so help is well appreciated. I am looking for (volunteer) developers who have experience in embedding Rhino (the JavaScript/ECMAScript engine for Java from and/or experience with the Document Object Model. A knowledge of the Java GUI toolkit Swing is also preffered. ... read more

Posted by Mathew McBride 2003-04-13

Release 0.2 of Jazilla Browser

The Jazilla Project has released it's second stable release with plan to put out a new release at the middle or end of each month to come. So far few new bugs have been reported with 0.2, and it appears that old problems of the browser not working out of the box have been wiped out completely. This new release features a redone bookmarks system that parses both standard Mozilla bookmark files (in HTML) and also a new format XBEL, from the group. Go to for more info and links to download.

Posted by The Jazilla Project 2000-01-16