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Where do I define the default values

  • torusJKL

    torusJKL - 2011-02-25


    I wan to use jaxe for DITA editing.
    When I create a new DITA file a window appears asking for DITAArchVersion.
    Where can I define the default value so that it will be automatically filled with the number 1.2.

    Where do I define these default values in general?

    Thanks for your time.

  • Damien Guillaume

    Jaxe is using the DITA XML schema to find out about the attributes and the attribute values. You could edit the schema to change the default values, but that is not recommended because your files might become invalid with the real schema as a result. In the config file, you could define a list of possible values for an attribute so that you have the option of selecting a value in that list when you edit an attribute, but there is no way to define a default value, because it might result in invalid files (Jaxe creates optimized files without recording default values for optional attributes). Maybe the best way around this problem would be to extend the schema and define a default value for a required attribute, but it is not very easy to do…

  • Damien Guillaume

    Actually, it looks like the ditaarch attribute defined in config/dita/schema/base/xsd/ditaarch.xsd already has a default value (1.2), but it is not displayed in Jaxe. I wonder if it's a bug. I will have to investigate…

  • torusJKL

    torusJKL - 2011-02-26

    Thanks for your answer.
    How do I define a list of possible values?
    Can you give me an example?



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