File/Folder selector?

  • PixelPusher

    PixelPusher - 2010-01-06

    One more question and I think I can leave you alone for a while. ;)

    I have several elements and attributes in my XML that need to be set to file or folder names. Is there any way in Jaxe to bring up a file or folder selection dialog box when the user inserts the appropriate attribute or element? I know that I can create an enumerated list, but I won't know until run time what is available to be selected.

  • Damien Guillaume

    You would have to create a new Jaxe element (see "developer's guide") and use it as a plugin. It could just be displayed as a JLabel with the path, and the file dialog would pop up when you click on it or when you create the element. It is not hard to do if you know Java programming. The only Jaxe elements I have done so far with a file dialog are for images, but I can see it could be useful for other kinds of files or folders too. Actually, you could use the "file" display type for any kind of file, it would just display an error complaining that it can't display the image. It wouldn't work for folders though, and of course that would not be clean !


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