New conf. file - Menus off except Sch. simpl

  • Paul Muraille

    Paul Muraille - 2009-08-06

    Using Jaxe 3.2 under WinXP (SP3), I followed step by step your example to create a new config file based on the 'Schema simple' method. I succeeded in creating all the xml elements through the 'Schéma simple' menu, but I could not go any further because all Jaxe GUI menus (but 'Schema simple') were disabled. Alternatively, I could edit the new xml config file I created via a text editor, but I don't understand why I can't do it through the standard Jaxe GUI (Maybe this is related to Java 1.6)? Any hint or idea?

    • Damien Guillaume

      Try clicking after the end tag for "Schema simple" and before the end tag for "Configuration Jaxe". Hit return if you want to clarify things. The other elements in the config file cannot be within the language definition.


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