Config file language

  • Ademir Mazer Jr

    Ademir Mazer Jr - 2010-06-07


    I'm testing Jaxe trying to follow the documentation of how to write a config file, but when I open the xml, it came in French, and not in English as the doc shows.

    How could I change it?


  • Damien Guillaume

    This is explained in the user guide, and has been answered several times on this forum. You forget to write that your OS is not in English. Jaxe is multilingual, but support for different languages is not equal: the configuration file for configuration files (CONFIG_JAXE_config.xml ) is in French, and has only been translated into English and Russian. New translations are welcome.
    If you don't start Jaxe in English or Russian, French will be used for configuration files. Alternatively, you could remove the French and Russian strings from CONFIG_JAXE_config.xml to force Jaxe to use English. Or you could use the French version of the demo ( ).

  • Ademir Mazer Jr

    Ademir Mazer Jr - 2010-06-08

    Ok, sorry, now I got it, even had reading the docs and forum, I didn't understood that.

    Sorry again,

    Just when I learn a little more about Jaxe, yes, I pretend to help with translations, even because I intend to use it with a group of teachers to write official docs.




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