ALAIN GENDRON - 2008-10-01

    Hi !
    I would like to know if links in the HTMLFrame object can be followed.
    For example i have "<a href="#dyn_s2ma"><b>FIG.1. </a>" and "<a name="dyn_s2ma"><b>FIG.1. </b>"
    in an HTML file generated by Jaxe but when i clic on the "FIG.1." link nothing happens.
    Is it simply a normal behaviour ?

    • Damien Guillaume

      This is a known issue. HTML links have not been implemented because there are many other problems with the HTML window in Jaxe. In particular, it only handles HTML3 (because this is what is handled by the current JDK). Since most people today use more features like CSS, the HTML window only gives a rough preview, but for a good view of the result it is usually opened in a web browser... And of course links work well in any web browser.


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