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Are there Eng. documentation for JaxeElement?

  • Vladimir Bogdanov

    I come off second-best with french :) I used to work with plentiful commented code. So code of Jaxe with a small number of comments whichs are in french for me is too difficult. So i give up about all code. But ability of creating plugins still is very desirable. Does interface of JaxeElement class is stable? And are there some english documentation of their function except short in "Developer Guide".

    I should document it at least for my own understanding before i could write something working :) So it would be pitifully if interface will become out of date next release.

    • Damien Guillaume

      Yes, JaxeElement is stable. And if there are any changes in the future, I will try to keep backward-compatibility.
      There is no other documentation, and I know it is very short. So if you have a problem when creating a new element, you can ask for help on this forum.


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