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  • lbarth

    lbarth - 2010-08-25


    I have noticed I cannot paste text from msword.
    If I read a plain text file with jedit or textedit, I can copy and paste into Jaxe, I cannot when I read the very same file with msword.

    Does anybody know why ?


  • Damien Guillaume

    I'm not sure why, but I can try to guess. MS Word is usually copying text in several "flavors" on the clipboard (plain text, image, xml, who knows what else…). When someone pastes something in a document and several flavors are available, Jaxe tries to guess which one is the most desirable. If there is an image, it tries to paste the image. If the text can be interpreted as XML, it tries to paste it as XML (making sure it's valid).

    I've seen various problems with MS Word, depending on the versions, systems, etc…, and tried to implement workarounds, but ultimately it is impossible to find a solution that will always work. The best workaround is to paste text on a simple text app like textedit (using simple text) and paste that into Jaxe.

    However, I usually warn against using MS Word to create text that will end up in XML documents. MS Word tends to add special unicode characters that require specific fonts or environments to be displayed correctly, which can be a problem if the text ends up on the web, for instance. It can also lead to problems with stylesheets.


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