Jaxe as applet. Suggestion.

  • Vladimir Bogdanov

    I tried to launch Jaxe as applet and was confronted by applets access restrictions. After some googling i found an article: http://mindprod.com/jgloss/applet.html I'm quoting:
    Don’t try to make Applets work on your website with naked class files. Always bundle everything, classes, gifs, configuration scripts etc. up into a jar. This bypasses many classpath headaches, and it downloads faster. Further, the chances are much better your Applet will work first time on the website once you get it working locally out of a jar.


    I repeat. Always bundle your Applet (or JApplet) classes and resources into a jar!
    You can then invoke your Applet from any page.
    The classes download faster.
    It is clear exactly which classes your Applet may use and not use.
    There are no classpath mysteries.
    It is always clear which version of the class files you are using.
    Everything just works more smoothly.

    Realy. May be better to include all pictures as resources into jars?

    • Vladimir Bogdanov

      Ooops. Sory. I see that common images are included into jars by ant. The problem confronted me in a development environment.


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