Jaxe 3. Localization

  • Vladimir Bogdanov

    Damien, don't you think that it's better to split config file to settings itself and localized view-documentation parts? It will give:
    - downloading only needed language parts;
    - more easely sync. of changing in documetation;

    • Damien Guillaume

      No, I think it's easier for users to have just one configuration file and a schema file to copy when they want to add support for a new XML language in Jaxe.
      Also, I think we should not change the structure of configuration files for every version of Jaxe, so even if we wanted to change that now we should probably wait a few more years.

      • Vladimir Bogdanov

        I wrote this only becouse new format is so young.

        I thought new revision could be done with small losses. For examle as a include tag in configuration with language attribute (or something like that). In that case structure of the config become the same but we have ability to split file.

      • Vladimir Bogdanov

        Well now for me it is not very important. I agree that with 1-3 languages it is posible to place all of them into one file. But division of a multilanguage file is a common approach. If quantity of languages will grow then it shoud be done.


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