How can i force Jaxe never show attri window?

  • Vladimir Bogdanov

    I have situatin where the most common tag <para> has attribute. In 99% of cases (or more) this attribut has default value and only in 1% user should change it. And more, moost users should not even know about this attribute. How can i force Jaxe never show attribute window while inserting new element? This window should be open only by clicking on a tag.

    • Damien Guillaume

      You need to create a plugin with a new Jaxe element. Extend jaxe.elements.JEZone and override nouvelElement(). Use the same code as in JEZone.nouvelElement() without the part displaying the attribute dialog.

      • Vladimir Bogdanov

        I've done this. But thera some problems:

        1. There is a problem with compatibility. "Element refElement = null;" is package variable, so it is invisible from other packages. I think it is not good idea to place custom plugins into Jaxe package.

        2. Plugin inserts tags with namescheme:

        That is not what i expected. :(

        How can it be corrected?

      • Vladimir Bogdanov

        I just commented code:
                /*if (latt != null && latt.size() > 0) {
                    final DialogueAttributs dlg = new DialogueAttributs(doc.jframe, doc,
                        JaxeResourceBundle.getRB().getString("zone.NouvelleBalise") + " " + titreSurBalise(), refElement, newel);
                    if (!dlg.afficher())
                        return null;


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