Question about javadoc

  • Vladimir Bogdanov

    Damieng what do you think if i try to document jaxe in english. I mean to write headers for functions, variables etc in javadoc format. In any case i will rummage in the code.

    • Damien Guillaume

      I want to keep the comments in French. The whole program is using French, with variable names etc... I don't want to mix languages, there have been complaints about that.
      However, you could create a separate javadoc in English, to help English speaking developers. And I could add it to the website, for easy access.

      • Vladimir Bogdanov

        Hmmm. I use Eclipse. It could give tips about classes, functions and variables right during the coding. It colects information directly from a code. Besides i don't understand how can be 2 versions of javadoc. May be i don't know something important about javadoc.

        For the moment i see only one solution - create english version of code (comments) and merge changes from the french Jaxe to it. If you know better solution tell me please.

    • Bodo Tasche

      Bodo Tasche - 2008-03-31

      I don't think that a developer would post complaints if the variable names and the java doc are mixed languages. The Users won't see this, the Javadoc is only for developers. And developers who are not able to read english can't be taken serious :)

      • Damien Guillaume

        I have seen a developer complain about it, and give up programming with Jaxe because of that (or at least he pretended to).

        If there was a way to add javadoc comments in several languages, specifying which language for each comment, and the javadoc could then be generated for one language, I would not mind adding javadoc in English. But I don't think it is possible to do that. I would not like to get a javadoc documentation with mixed languages when it is automatically generated.

        So, I would prefer the English javadoc to be an independant project, which does not touch the source files. It could be done with a copy of the source files (although updates will not be easy). The advantage of this solution is that class names, method names and parameter names could also be translated.

        • Vladimir Bogdanov

          Damien you prevent me from illusion. I also thought that it could be easier to comment code for my project in russian. Now i see that this aproach works only when all develorers are russian speaking. In other case we get a crutches such as merging of different languages projects, translatings etc. A lot of problems around nothing. To build "babilon tawer" people need one language.

          Translating java doc is not solution because there are IDEs already which help developers to work with comments directly during investigating code. It is very handy, why should developer renounce this feature. Well. If i could translate comment into english and publish this code, what code developers will prefers french or english? So that could be another problem. I am able to merge changes in one direction but not in both. Problems, problems, probles :(

          Very good program but this language problem is a fly in the ointment (un peu de fiel gâte beaucoup de miel).

    • Vladimir Bogdanov

      For now english speaking curious people can use google for translating Jaxe javadoc. As i see google translate french to english so well. That is very draft variant, but not emptyness anyway.



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