Help w/ Castor Generation

  • Stu

    Stu - 2011-07-23

    Hi -

    I have a question about using binding files with Castor.  I see that there is a place to enter a binding file in the GUI for setting the properties on the JAXB plug-in project, but I don't seem to be able to get it to take.  I've put it in the binding folder, and also in with the schema.  But neither place, in conjunction with trying to specify it in the text field for the property, seems to work.  How exactly do I place and specify the file?

    Of course, being new to Castor, it could be a problem with the binding file itself (if it is, it's failing silently).  If someone had an example file (specifically, I am trying, among other things, to set the namingXML value to specify a prefix of say "Xml" to all the generated classes. This way it's easy to distinguish auto-generated binding classes from real application domain classes.   If someone had an example (correct) file, that in conjunction with the proper placement and settings in the properties worked, I'd be grateful.

    I am using the latest download of this project, and have been trying to use the Castor documentation for 1.3.2 from their website.

    Many thanks in advance!

  • Peter

    Peter - 2011-07-24

    Hi Stu,
               A Castor binding file can be specified in the JAXB properties for your project under the Castor tab. however I would recommend that you supply a package to distinguish the JAXB classes from the Domain Model instead, usually I would provide a mapping from namespace to package. This can be set under the JAXB properties for your project.



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