Problem setting JAXB Tool Path on Mac

Yvonne Gu
  • Yvonne Gu

    Yvonne Gu - 2011-09-14

    Hello, I am new to JAXB Builder and was following the directions on:

    But I am using Eclipse(Indigo) on Mac OS X lion.

    Here are the details:
    - I went to the Eclipse -> opened Preferences -> JAXB Preferences
    - And it says "ERROR*** Fix path to XJC JAXB Command"
    - Then, I click on the "JAXB Tool Path" button and tried to type in the correct path "/Library/Java/Home/bin/xjc".
    - But, after save, the path default to "/Users/username/Library/:Library:Java:Home:bin:xjc.xjc.*". And the error is still there. It cannot locate the xjc compiler.

    Thanks in advance!


  • Peter

    Peter - 2011-10-20

    Hi Yvonne,
            Apologies for not getting back to you sooner. The plug-in has been tested on Linux distributions but not MAC directly. I would not anticipate any differences though I can only assume the MAC eclipse UI operates differently than on Linux or windows. You can manually alter the configuration to bypass the UI. The location of the jaxb preferences file is as follows


    Alter the xjc path manually and restart eclipse
    JAXB\ XJC\ Location=/usr/bin/xjc

  • Gert

    Gert - 2012-08-16

    This is still happening and also on ubuntu 12.04 Eclipse Juno with JAXB Eclipse plugin version 1.0.

    When I try to browse to the correct location the dialog behaves erratically. I managed to browse once and since then the path is set to the correct path, but "C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.6.0_21" appended.


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