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Jawin / News: Recent posts

Automatic gc of COM objects & stubs

The calling java thread release COM objects automatically, after the JVM garbage collector collects them. There is no longer a need to call COMPtr.close() from the application code. Change works with existing code, close() can still be called. (contrbuted by Claude Eisenhut).

Posted by Roger I Martin 2006-01-04

Where did the JawinGenUI go?

The JawinGenUI has been replaced with the TypeBrowser. Checkout the CVS version and read JAWIN_HOME/docs/jawintypebrowser.html.

Posted by Roger I Martin 2004-04-16

How to build jawin without cpp build

This is for those who do not want to set up C++ compiler just to apply Jawin. If your not working, developing, implementing,fixing the native code side of Jawin there is no need to compile it just to use it.

We maintain all dll's that performs native code in CVS up to date with changes. If you want to build jawin without compiling the C++ native code, edit the Ant build script build.xml. Search for target where the 'name="compile'. Remove the dependency on 'cpp-compile' and save. Then running ant on jar or compile targets will build the Java side and you can work with Jawin using the dll's checked out of CVS

Posted by Roger I Martin 2003-09-17

code generation

The intermediate xml type description is going thru considerablechanges and the typelib2interface.xsl has not been upgraded to handle these changes yet. Probably will become stable again throughout the week hopefully with considerable more useful code production.

Posted by Roger I Martin 2003-02-02