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Javum "workspace" tarball released

We all know how frustrating it can be to setup an open-source development environment - endless lists of boring, vague, and/or error-prone command-line tasks.

So, I have released a tarball of the installed source code tree, so anyone who wants to experiment without a large time commitment can simply "untar and work".

Posted by Alex T. Ramos 2007-07-09

Successful build under Ubuntu 6.10

Javum- The Java Virtual Unix Machine - is an ambitious project which aims to build a complete Unix-like environment inside a Java VM, including C compiler, standard GNU utilities, interactive shells, and X-windows.

We've been able to build and run the old University of Queesland C-to-Jasmin-to-Bytecode GCC based compiler, on a modern Ubuntu 6.10 platform. Detailed instructions are in the Wiki.

We are looking for volunteer alpha and beta testers, as well as volunteer coders to start creating the Unix API and porting some essential C libraries!

Posted by Alex T. Ramos 2007-07-06