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JCalc / News: Recent posts

Big CVS Release

Over the past couple of weeks, I have added some very significant features to JCalc. I was home for Christmas and decided I would take that opportunity to do some serious work. Download the latest CVS files if you want to try them out.

I am working out some bugs before the next release. The bugs are not critical, but I feel that i shouldn't release software when I am aware of bugs in it.

Posted by Churchey 2004-01-14

0.04 alpha Released

A lot of lines of unnecessary code has been taken out, and this is the first release where the Change Log will be included with the downloaded files. It may not be much, but it's an imporvement on the source code, and I think it is worth noting.

Posted by Churchey 2003-11-14

New Alpha is Ready

I demoted the status of the project to alpha because I have realized that I am no where near developing the features that I want. This release is just a preview of a much more massive project ahead of me.

I have done a good deal of code clean up, and I'm beginning to revise the algorithm for this project to make it more efficient and more modular.

I hope everybody enjoys this new release, and I hope to step up the momentum of this project.

Posted by Churchey 2003-11-10

Beta Ready

I have renamed the project JCalculator because it seems a big snappier. The major bug has been fixed, and it is now ready for beta testing.

Download it. Test it. Report bugs. Report any features you want.

Posted by Churchey 2003-05-02

Up and Running

JavCalc is now up and running. Got the first packages uploaded. They are not entirely usable; however, the code is out there for improvement. I will be making updates when I can.

Posted by Churchey 2003-04-28