Java Xml Wrapping library for working with XML.
This library is intended to provide one step easy access to xml structures without touching internals of an xml library implementation.

Internally it is programmed with DOM4J. But you really do not have to know except puttng it onto the classpath which can be done by maven.

Example for writing XML:

final Xml xml = new Xml();
Assert.assertNull( xml.getRootElement() );
xml.setText("/hello", "world");
Assert.assertEquals("world", xml.selectText( "/hello" ) );
Assert.assertEquals("<hello>world</hello>", xml.getRootElement().toFlatXmlString() );

Sources: https://sourceforge.net/p/javaxmlwrapping/code-0/10/tree/trunk

If you find any issues, or if it is not working as expected let me know, please.
Drop a few lines with a test junit test case.

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