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jwm0.32 release!!!

This release mainly for keeping user online.
The auto relogin feature keep the user online for a long time.
Because of timeout problem, the m$ server cut the connection after a period of time,so the system can auto relogin when the m$ server cut the connection.

Posted by ronaldo 2008-12-09

jwm0.31 release

The system would auto relogin when the connection between msn server and the system is down.

It fix the “display the same incoming message more than 1 times” problem

Posted by ronaldo 2008-11-24

jwm0.3 release

-copy the war file to %tomcat_home_path%/webapps directory
-restart tomcat
-browse http://localhost:8080/jwm0.3
(In order to make it working, please ensure that your machine is connected to internet.)

jwm0.3 new features:
-support nudge
-support message's font and color, but NOT support font size.
-support default emoticon
-javadoc included (in doc directory)

Posted by ronaldo 2008-10-30

jwm 0.2 release

-The passwords are encrypted in the JavaScript using the RSA key and sent across the wire.

-Support autologout

Posted by ronaldo 2008-10-22