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J2AVM - Java to AVM2 translator

J2AVM is a sub-project to build a Java bytecode to AVM2 bytecode translator. A POC is in SVN.

Posted by Nick Main 2007-09-13

AVM2 / Flash 9 Support

Support for Flash 9 is progressing and already includes support for the AVM2 ABC file format (the ActionScript 3 classfile/bytecode structure) - in SVN.

Posted by Nick Main 2007-09-13

Move to Subversion

The core code is now in the Subversion repository.

Posted by Nick Main 2007-09-13

Baseline Release

Source and binary "baseline" releases have just been made. These constitute the codebase as it currently exists and serve as the basis for ongoing development.

Posted by Nick Main 2005-04-04

CVS Head contains some Flash 7 (MX 2004) support

Actually, this is old news but wasn't mentioned before.

CVS head includes support for Flash 7 actionscript bytecodes. This does break some of the interfaces, though, since they had to be refactored a little to allow for try/catch/finally blocks.

Posted by Nick Main 2004-08-05

Flash MX/6 Basic support added

CVS Head now has support for Flash MX tags, actions, UTF-8, and compression.

Module: javaswf

Posted by Nick Main 2003-07-14

CVS Up and running

JavaSWF CVS is now up and running !

Posted by Nick Main 2003-07-03