Philipp Kewisch - 2006-12-09


I like your Project, I think it could really help me in the future. There are some things I haven't really found yet, maybe I'm missing them maybe they don't exist. Is there an easy way to add my own rules to jsl? Mozilla development has some strict guidelines about how code should look and I would like jsl to tell me if I am missing something. Some of those rules include:

* No tabs in files
* No whitespaces at the end of lines
* functions should have spaces between arguments (i.e function foo(arg1, arg2, arg3) )
* Statements that have wrapped lines should align correctly with the first line of the statement
* There should always be a space between if/for/for each/while/switch and the parenthesis

And many more.

Also on a quick note, when testing the jsl online, It gave me an error that a for each () statement was not known (i.e missing '(' after for). This of course is perfectly valid.

Next I would like to know if there is a way to integrate jsl into vim.

Thanks in advance