Adding Javascript Lint to Visual Studio 2005

  • ciku

    ciku - 2006-11-02

    Hi, I am an armature - please help out,

    I recently downloaded JavaScript Lint and tried to 'add' it in my Visual Studio 2005 ide.

    I clicked on external tools - > add
    Then I provided a suitable title for my tool.

    However I did not know what values to put in the textboxes ‘Command’ and 'Arguments'
    Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

    • Matthias Miller

      Matthias Miller - 2006-11-02

      Take a look at If you want to use the default settings, you don't have to specify the "-conf c:\path\to\configuration\file" in the Arguments.

    • ciku

      ciku - 2006-11-02

      Thanks Matthias,

      Have left the argument portion blank.

      When I click on the lint tool i get this error, don't understand what it means

      Error: unrecognized parameter: Files\JavaScript

      • Matthias Miller

        Matthias Miller - 2006-11-02

        Try putting quotes around the command. Also, you will probably need at least this in your arguments:

        -process "$(ItemPath)"

        Let me know how this works.

        • ciku

          ciku - 2006-11-02


          Thank you very much it is working now :-) , after putting
          -process "$(ItemPath)"  in the Argument portion

        • ciku

          ciku - 2006-11-07

          Hallo  Matthias,

          (I know this is a Lint forum but am sure you are a javascript expert)

          I have a text box and a button on a form in my aspx page.
          When the button is clicked a MethodOne() is invoked.

          I do not want the page to refresh when Enter Key is clicked, instead, I want the same to method - MethodOne() to be invoked.
          How can i do this?


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