Help integrating with SciTE on Win XP

  • Anonymous - 2010-04-16

    Hey all, I'm trying to integrate SciTE 2.11 + jsl 0.3.0 on Win XP. I've changed my file from blank to containing exactly the following lines:

    command.compile.$(file.patterns.js)=C:\Program Files\jsl-0.3.0\jsl.exe conf C:\Program Files\jsl-0.3.0\jsl.default.conf process $(FileNameExt)

    And in jsl.default.conf I've commented in the
    # Alternative syntax:
    +output-format __FILE__:__LINE__: __ERROR__

    I've restarted SciTE, opened as .js file, clicked F4, checked menus for a lint option and so far have been unable to find any indication that I've successfully integrated the two - or to get an error to guide me in the right direction.

    Can anyone here take a look at what I've done, let me know if you see anything wrong, and/or suggest next steps?

    Thanks so much,
    Jeff Fry

  • Anonymous - 2010-04-16

    It looks like it couldn't handle the unescaped spaces in my path name (e.g. "Program Files"). I moved jslint, updated my config, and now Clicking CTL-F7 (Compile) runs jslint.

    Note, the docs mention (a) clicking F4 (and who wouldn't love to save a keystroke) and (b) seeing a yellow dot by the offending line. I haven't gotten either of those to work on my end. tips toward that would be welcome.

    Thanks again,


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