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  • o_deh

    o_deh - 2007-10-17


    I'm working with different opensource Javascript components. When i lint a html file containing javascript inclusions to these files (<script type="text/javascript" src="myComponent.js""></script>), lint automatically parses them. The only option i found to exclude these files is to place a /*jsl:ignoreall*/ at the top of each file. The problem is that each time i integrate a new version of these components, i've to edit the files again.

    My questions :
    - is there another way to exclude these files ?
    - if not, is it possible to add an exclusion list of files in the config file or in a separate file ?



    • Matthias Miller

      Matthias Miller - 2007-10-17

      There's currently no way to exclude these files. I have done some work on adding a "-process" to prevent processing of certain files. I believe that could be extended to work as an exclusion list. If so, it would probably be available in the next release, whenever that might be.

      That said, unfortunately I can make no promises on how soon this will be available. :-)


      • o_deh

        o_deh - 2007-10-17

        I'm going to write a script to tag automatically every js file in my exclusion list with /*jsl:ignoreall*/ and integrate it in the build environment. This is not a "perfect" solution but it should be sufficient until your next release ;)

        Thanks for your quick response,



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