increment/decrement operators

  • Devon Miller

    Devon Miller - 2006-08-25

    I have a loop doing decoding of data from a cookie that in part reads like this:

        do {
            chr1 = input.charCodeAt(i++);
            chr2 = input.charCodeAt(i++);
            chr3 = input.charCodeAt(i++);
            // lots more code
        } while (i < len);

    I'm still getting warnings:

    source.js(104): lint warning: increment (++) and decrement (--) operators used as part of greater statement
            } while (i < len);

    I don't want to disable all checking for the loop, but I would like a way to quiet this warning. Is there a control comment that can turn off/on a single warning? Maybe a syntax like:
    It would be nice if it  could take a comma separated list of warnings. Maybe /*jsl:resetWarnings*/ to fall back to the warnings as set in the config file.


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