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JavaRisk v0.93 released

I've just released JavaRisk v2 0.93.

Long way for this .01 upgrade ;)
I've eventually included i18n & l10n for JavaRisk. There are no more features except that I've cleaned up some typos and spelling mistakes. You can play JavaRisk now in german also and I hope to get a french and spanish translation online soon.

A mysterious guy named "Kenneth" dropped an Email beginning of october, offering to translate JavaRisk into Spanish. Since then, I didn't hear anything from him. If for nothing else, at least you may thank him for reawakening JavaRisk ;)... read more

Posted by Sebastian Kirsch 2005-11-01

JavaRiskNet migrated to new mysql4


Just to post something again! I've just migrated the old mysql database to the new MySQL4. Also, I adapted the JavaRiskNet interface to access the new database.

So, everybody relax: JavaRiskNet will work after Nov05 as usual ;)


Posted by Sebastian Kirsch 2005-10-06

We're going back to 'JavaRisk'

Recently a representative of a software company contacted me, pointing me to the fact that 'JRisk' is a registered TradeMark.
As this is obviously the case, we're rolling back the name to JavaRisk.
New releases will be named JavaRisk x_y.z.jar in the future; all static text within the project and the home page are already changed.
The old file releases cannot be renamed, so I hope it's all right for that company to leave them as they are.... read more

Posted by Sebastian Kirsch 2004-03-30

New Source for JRisk v2 0.92

Hi everyone!

I just realized that the source file was corrupted.
I'm really sorry about that. I've updated and checked it. Seems to work now.


Posted by Sebastian Kirsch 2004-03-23

JRisk v2 0.92 released

JRisk v2 0.92 was just released.

This is just a minor new release. I removed some minor bugs and added a RFE. Mainly, code changes result from refactoring.

For the first time, as I've eventually a flat, I've included the source.

Unfortunately, our website is still "in construction". I wonder if we ever manage to have a complete and working site...

Another bad news is that there's not much hope left for the 'Scientific'-Ai. After starting real work in a real company, I would be very surprised seeing Dirk working on that monster again...... read more

Posted by Sebastian Kirsch 2004-01-21

JRisk v2 0.9 re-release

I just updated the file release of version 0.9, at 19p.m. (GMT+1).
The previous version didn't use the proxy if specified. So if you have to use a proxy, download the fiel again.
<I>Finally, the JRiskNet is implemented. JRiskNet is some kind of BattleNet - the JRisk servers can register to the JRiskNet in order to make themself available for other clients. This enables players to play with others they don't know. ... read more

Posted by Sebastian Kirsch 2003-06-30

JRisk v2 0.9 released

JRisk v2 0.9 was just released.
Finally, the JRiskNet is implemented. JRiskNet is some kind of BattleNet - the JRisk servers can register to the JRiskNet in order to make themself available for other clients. This enables players to play with others they don't know.

JRisk v2 is a sequel to JRisk. It is loosely based on the board-game Risk. It includes network-support and a challenging Ai.


Posted by Sebastian Kirsch 2003-06-30

JRisk v2 version 0.87 released

Hi everyone!
I've just released JRisk v2 version 0.87.
This release is much faster, as I mostly did performance tuning. There have been some other changes and bug-fixes along with that.
Most noticeable change is the warehouse mission, where one must build 33% more warehouses now, as it appeared to be the mission the easiest accomplished.
PlanningMind now uses the cavalry a little more effectively.
Have fun!... read more

Posted by Sebastian Kirsch 2003-06-16

JRisk v2 0.86 released

I've just released JRisk v2; version 0.86
The new update contains mainly bug-fixes and now we have the game seemingly bug-free. I've added some more improvements to the interface, so now one can see the coquered capitols, one can add several stored AIs at the same time, and the map generator eventually generates 4 continents when specifying that he should build 4 continents.

So, please download the new release at
I wonder why we have so few downloads the last days. Although there's not much numeric difference between 0.81 and 0.86, there's a big difference within the game itself!... read more

Posted by Sebastian Kirsch 2003-05-29

Problems with mirrors

Hi there!
I just realized that the newest version isn't available on all mirrors yet. So, it could happen that you'll get a 404-page. Please try another mirror in order to get version 0.85


Posted by Sebastian Kirsch 2003-05-20

JRisk v2 0.85 released

This version integrates mainly the requested features of You! This is remebering the own name & color as well as the edited ai-players, a popupmenu for the fields and a mechanism to display the unmoved units.
Furthermore, a short ingame help is added and several bugs are removed. Now, the game should run without crashing.

It is now 2 weeks when we must have finished the student project, until then I hope that Dirk will have finished the sophisticated Ai...

Posted by Sebastian Kirsch 2003-05-19

JRisk will get a new website

Hi everyone!

As you may have noticed, we hadn't had a website for a long time. This is somewhat ugly and nobody of us ever wanted to be it this way. But as we didn't have enough time to do it ourselves (and we hardly thought of Open Source), the site lay long time bare. Long, but long enough.
A few days ago, It once again ached me to see this "The page cannot be found" and suddenly it came to my mind to announce a job. So i did and I'm proud to announce that we have a web designer in our ranks once again, Shawn Krugg. He actually makes a first draft and assumes that something new could be seen on the beginning of the next week.
We all look forward to it and once more a "Welcome on board" to Shawn!... read more

Posted by Sebastian Kirsch 2003-05-16

JRisk v2 0.84 released

Hi everyone!
I've just released JRisk v2 0.84.
It contains a third, really good Ai. It is a worthy opponent (at least if the gamefield's big enough, or against the other Ais) and will make playing much more exiciting.
Apart from that, I've fixed several bugs and improved some of the thread-handling - I hope the Ai won't run in a deadlock anymore.
The miniMap is no usable from the beginning (since there was a bug, too) and one can draw the shown area around now. What's more, drag & drop works for neighboured Fields now (resulting in an attack/move).
The MapEditor remembers the settings (when creating a new gamefield immediatly, not permanent) now, making it easier to find a fitting gamefield.
Currently, my partner is still working out the "sophisticated & scientifc Ai" (let's see if it beats mine ;)), and I will get on realizing the requested features.
So, if You have any, please add them!... read more

Posted by Sebastian Kirsch 2003-05-08

version .82 containing Ai

I just published version 0.82 of JRisk v2.
This is the first release containing Ai-players. There are 2 players, one that just tries to conquer random fields, and another one that rates its targets, defends its fields and so on. This Ai is quite capable to defeat an unexperienced player.
My partner develops at the moment an Ai based on a scientifc background, which will be (hopefully) much better than the two "experimental" Ais.

Posted by Sebastian Kirsch 2003-02-27

Version .81 released

Version 0.81 is released. Although not much of the code has changed, heavy chagnes have been made. TWO and ONE have been swapped, Artillery is more expensive, production is restricted to certain field-types.
The MapEditor is integrated into the game, so one can generate the gamefields with which to play.

What's more, we translated the game-manual into english. We hope that's more helpful than the german one.
At the moment, we only have a .doc available @\*checkout*/javarisk/version2/docs/version2-RulesOfTheGame.doc?rev=HEAD&content-type=text/plain
. If any native English speakin' wants to correct, feel free to mail me.... read more

Posted by Sebastian Kirsch 2003-02-04

version 0.8 is available

Hi Guys. Version 0.8 of JRisk-v2 is now available. The game is now mainly finished, multiplayer works fine and the game seems to be bug free. At least we hope so.

Until version 1.0 Sebastian and Dirk have to finish the AI code, then u will be able to play against computer controlled players.

There is no ingame help available right now, but that will follow soon, I hope.

Happy gaming,

Posted by Christian Domsch 2003-01-30

First release of v2

Hi! As some of You have noticed, we released version 0.7 of JRisk v2. The game is fully playable. A Game manual (in german only) is accessible via CVS (browse CVS).
Have Fun!

Posted by Sebastian Kirsch 2003-01-21

MapEditor implemented

Hi everybody! First effort is a MapEditor for the coming javaRisk v2. Although the maps will not be compatible to the final release of the game, one can get an impression of how the game will look like. The MapEditor will be updated as soon as the maps will be compatible with the game.

So long - keep on waiting!


Posted by Sebastian Kirsch 2002-12-05

Team changes, v2 will get a boost

v2 is now a study-project.
We will continue to develop v2, and now we have the time, and the motivation (v2 wil be graded) to finish the project.
As the official title is something about distributed computing and AI, You can think of what will be integrated in contrast to version 1: network & computer enemies, the two "most wanted" features...

Posted by Sebastian Kirsch 2002-10-20

javaRisk 1.2.4 released and Version2 Announcements

Hi all.

As you may have seen, we released a last version update for javaRisk v1 aka 1.2.4. This will be the last release for version1 for a longer time, because work has started on version 2.

We are at the moment in the planning and design phase of version 2. I guess in a month or so, we will start coding.

I hope, version2 will have the success (or even more) then version1 had.


Posted by Christian Domsch 2002-03-01

javaRisk 1.2.3 released

This is a quick release. Normally I hadn't planned to release 1.2.3 so quick, because I wanted to add some more functionality. But I found a bad calculation error in the countrymission. You had won this mission, if you had less or equal then the required countries. So I finally (*g*) removed that bug. Additionally we changed the desktop a bit, so that you can now see what country you are selecting. The old black label over the map was hard to read, so we removed it.... read more

Posted by Christian Domsch 2001-11-16

javaRisk 1.2.2 released

Hi Guys.

This is a minor release. We just removed two bugs and added a help system. The help is not complete yet but should provide some help to get started.

Additionally you have to have a jar package of the JavaHelp. You can download it with the javaRisk package or seperatly.


Posted by Christian Domsch 2001-11-15

javaRisk 1.2.1 released

We now have released version 1.2.1. This is a full playable beta. There shouldnt be too much bugs, I didint notice any :-)
We will now start to work on the network code. I think that the next release will take a while.


Posted by Christian Domsch 2001-11-06

first beta released

Finally we released the first playable beta version. All major game functions anre now ready and implemented. I hope we dont have too many bugs, but if you encounter any inform us please. Any other commnets on the game are also welcome.


Posted by Christian Domsch 2001-10-25

New Release

As we work on the game, we get nearer to a playable version. Up to now you can get the first feeling, how the game will be. Its not ready or bugfree yet, but its much cooler :-)
Additionally we have a new map that looks way better and a new handling how to select countries. But you will see.


Posted by Christian Domsch 2001-10-23

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