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JavaDocs now available online

You can now access the current (as of Sept. 28, 2010) java docs for this project at

Also check out the new developers guide (outdated but still potentially helpful) at

Posted by Kyle Flanigan 2010-09-28

Important Note for All New Developers

Please remember new developers that the version of JavaPoint that we really want to work can be built by right clicking build.xml->Run Target->Other Targets->Package-for-Store. This creates a single executable jar in the project folder/store. Remember that since all resources are inside the jar you MUST use


Also remember to remove all unused imports before commiting any files. It is not a huge deal but unnecessary time is wasted tracking them down and removing them later.... read more

Posted by Kyle Flanigan 2010-09-21


Well so far this program is really starting to come together. I would like to shift our focus if possible back to the two very weak areas (as I see it) of JavaPoint.

1. The quality of the actual presentation. We need to do something here. At minimum an affineTransform using bicubic interpolation, but really we will eventually just have to physically resize and redraw each component one at a time.... read more

Posted by Kyle Flanigan 2010-08-25

I am setting a goal for the alpha release

I am going to set the hopeful alpha release date at October 31. That gives us just less than 4 months. By that time I hope to see implemented-

1. We definitely must have a zoom/resize code that gives an acceptable image quality. Preferably we should actually redraw the objects at the correct size.

2. The program needs to package its saves inside its own jar file and it needs to be able to open them again.... read more

Posted by Kyle Flanigan 2010-07-02

Just got back (again)

Well I've really enjoyed my trip to ID tech camp. The instructors were great and it was a lot of fun. I will now be continuing development. Hopefully the rest of my summer will not be quite so eventful though.

Posted by Kyle Flanigan 2010-06-25

I will not be committing code for a while.

This is my final week of school. Soon I will be leaving for my relatives. It may be several weeks before I am able to work on Java Point again or answer any emails. I will hopefully be able to use VNC but it is unlikely. Anyways, my birthday is coming up soon, and I look forwards to getting my drivers licence.

Some future tasks include saving and loading of files. I believe that this code could be used to actually enlarge objects and text for presentation mode b having it drawn bigger instead of having an image streched. Just some thoughts.... read more

Posted by Kyle Flanigan 2010-05-23

Thanks to all developers.

I just wanted to take the time to say thank you to the developers who are helping to make this project a reality. You all had some great ideas that I'm sure I wouldn't have thought of alone. Great job and keep up the good work.

Posted by Kyle Flanigan 2010-05-19

Project Log moved to mediaWiki page.

Posted by Kyle Flanigan 2010-04-25

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