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Posted by Willem Visser 2006-02-24

Release has been updated

We've have put up and updated release. This is in anticipation of a more official updated release...

Posted by John Penix 2005-10-29

New release coming...

The 1.0 release has a number of problems that have been fixed in CVS. Please use CVS if you can. If you have questioins about using CVS, go to the help forum.

Posted by John Penix 2005-08-30

Java 1.5 support is in CVS

Peter says (on the developer's list) "I think I got most of the Java 1.5 problems sorted out - can you please start to use JPF (from CVS) on Java 1.5, so that I get a bit more testing before we make a new release? "

Posted by John Penix 2005-08-30

convenience libs upload

I just uploaded two separate zip archives


containing 3rd party runtime and build libraries for
JavaPathFinder. See the "Prerequisites" doc for details.

Unzip both in the JavaPathFinder root dir. Contents should be
automatically picked up if you use

bin/jpf - to start JavaPathFinder
build-tools/bin/ant - to build the system

No need for any additional CLASSPATH settings.... read more

Posted by pcm 2005-04-29

Java 1.5 not supported (yet)

As of now we recommend using Java 1.4 for JPF. There are subtle changed in classfile format in 1.5 that doesn't sit well with BCEL.

Posted by Willem Visser 2005-04-28

Other packages required!

You will need to grab a few other (open source) libraries to run JPF. See the Prerequesits on the Home Page.

Posted by John Penix 2005-04-27

Docs are on the homepage

If you are having trouble with JPF.pdf from the release .zip file - you can also get it from the Home Page.

Posted by John Penix 2005-04-27

JPF source release

There is a Java PathFinder source release posted under the Files category in the javapathfinder package.

Access via anonymous CVS should be available in a few hours, so we are told.


Posted by John Penix 2005-04-26

JPF Press Release Is Out

NASA has posted the press release for the Java PathFinder open source release! After many years of leaning on the rock, it actually moved!

Login, grab the code and join the mailing lists.

Posted by John Penix 2005-04-26

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