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Version 0.2.1

A new version, hot on the heels of Version 0.2. I've finally fixed the dynamic compilation issue, it works just great now which is good since I was using it a lot today to fix all my commands that I broke due to a lot of server changes.
Lots of code optimizations, clean up, removed a lot of vectors in favor of HashMaps and HashSets. Still lots of work to be done though going forward.

Posted by Chris Motch 2005-09-02

Development Test Server

There is now a test server available at port 8888. Its highly unstable, but useable, and it may be unavailable at any time due to current development.

Posted by Chris Motch 2005-09-01

Version 0.2 Release

After a 3 year hiatus, the new version of JavaMU has been release, I welcome you to check it out. Changes include optimizations of the code base, changes and cleanup of existing class files and a few tweaks to make things run a lot more cleaner. Development shall now continue to improve and make better this application in hopes that it might be used somewhere at sometime in the future.

Posted by Chris Motch 2005-08-31

Its still alive

After a long hiatus from working on this project I'm going to try and resume the development. Right now there are no gurantees of releases etc, but I'm going to at least try and make a new release in the next month or so since I have a whole bunch of stuff lying around I never implemented. Be patient.

Posted by Chris Motch 2004-01-16

New features for JavaMU 0.2

JavaMU is a java based Muck server. It interfaces with MySQL to store all the information needed for the Muck rather than in a flat file format the most current Muck based servers use. This helps reduce maintence, increase performance and reduce memory usage and should make adminstration a breeze.

Plans for the 0.2 release are, fixes to dynamic compilation of embedded java code, right now if you make changes to a command, you have to restart the server for the changes to take effect.
Beginnings of an API to allow users to begin to write their own functions and hopefully submit them to me for inclusion in the sample DB.
General clean up of code and fixes to the parser.

Posted by Chris Motch 2002-04-03

Version 0.1a released

This is a new version that fixes a serious bug that was causing all notification and communication functions not to operate.

Posted by Chris Motch 2002-03-28

Updates for JavaMU

Version 0.1 has been realised with the source following shortly thereafter, new documentation is being worked on, which will hopefully provide a more meaningful installation.
Plans for 0.2 include more MU commands, the beginnings of a Java subset for interfacing with the mud including documentation, PHP interfaces for Room Builders.

Posted by Chris Motch 2002-03-28

Version 0.1

Ok, version 0.1 is now available for download. At this time its very alpha, not 100 percent stable but it runs, and it has use as a simple talker right now.
There is also a sample DB to get you up and running.

Source is coming, need to clean up the code etc, give me a few days.

Posted by Chris Motch 2002-03-27

Diaster Strikes

Alas, if anyone actually pays attention to this project, I've had a HD failure which has resulted in me losing everything. Luckily the day before I uploaded the source to CVS, however I did lose my Database which contained a lot of stuff I needed, however I will rebuild the DB.
Hold on and I will have a release soon (I Hope).

Posted by Chris Motch 2002-03-25

Release Coming Soon

The first release of JavaMU will be soon. Right now I'm trying to work out some minor bugs in the dynamic compilation code and once that has been done and the code cleaned up a bit I will release it, along with a sample mysql database.

Posted by Chris Motch 2001-11-19

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