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Welcome Italy! (Also Enzo)

My Dear friend, Enzo and his friends have started to work with us. Now, we have Also I am sure, project will come to a playable state in a very short time by working together. Welcome lovely Italy...

Posted by Gokcer Gokdal 2005-07-07

A document contribition from Eqbal Zaffar.

Our project now has a nice use case document. Thanks a lot Eqbal.

Posted by Gokcer Gokdal 2003-11-06

File releases

A new version is released. Version is 0.2.

Posted by Gokcer Gokdal 2003-08-15

Current project status

Project is taking its shape day by day. Now, a place to put user controls, score board etc is embedded into main game area. Also multiple language support has been implemented. Current languages are english and turkish. Also many bugfixes are done. Next step is embedding JUnit test framework for code quality purpose.

Posted by Gokcer Gokdal 2003-02-17