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New support for the 2.6 Linux Kernel has been added.

Version 0.7 has been released to mainly support the Linux 2.6 kernel. Other various bugs have also been fixed. Please see the release notes on the download page for details.

Posted by George Rhoten 2007-12-17

JoystickListener Revised

The JoystickListener has been revised to only get events for when the joystick values change on an axis or a button, and the new interface makes it easier to distingush between the two types of event changes.

Some minor platform specific problems have also been fixed.

Posted by George Rhoten 2003-01-03

New support for the 2.4 Linux Kernel has been added.

New support for the 2.4 Linux Kernel has been added. This Java interface to a Joystick now works under Windows and Linux. Help with the Mac port is also welcome.

Posted by George Rhoten 2002-04-20

Simplified Joystick Interface

The Joystick Interface for the Java Joystick is now simplified and tested more completely. Please have a look at the latest version of the download. If anyone wants to help me do a Mac or Linux port of this, I would be very glad to hear from them.

Posted by George Rhoten 2001-07-22

New JoystickListener added

The Joystick Driver for Java now follows the Java event mechanism more closely. It now has a JoystickListener that a class can implement to get the latest values of a joystick. Feedback is always welcome on the sourceforge web site.

Posted by George Rhoten 2001-07-09

Initial release of the Java Joystick API

The initial version of the Java Joystick Driver has been released. This is an API for your joysticks under Java. This will be a very helpful for those of you creating simple arcade games under Java or using Java3D. At this time, it only works under Windows. Please go to for the latest version of the software.

Posted by George Rhoten 2000-11-27

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