JavaGuard 1.0beta4 released

This release fixes some bugs concerning classes compiled under JDK 1.4 or JDK 1.2/1.3 using the "-target 1.2" command line option on javac.

Additionally JavaGuard now can obfuscate several Jar files at once and is able to load and obfuscate files from local directories.

Everyone using the 1.0beta3 release is encouraged to upgrade to the new version.

Changes since 1.0beta3:

Bugs fixed:
* Classes that are matched by a ".obfuscate" entry in the script file were not assigned obfuscated output names when their parent package/class are matched by a ".ignore" entry; however their contents were still obfuscated.

* Methods that are defined in an interface A but used inside function calls to methods of an interface B that extends A caused a NoSuchMethodException.

* JavaGuard can now obfuscate several Jar files at once.

* JavaGuard can now use and obfuscate files from local directories. So far there aren't any dependency checks so the user is responsible that no classes are missing.

Posted by Thorsten Heit 2002-06-04

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