JavaGuard 1.0beta3 released

This release addresses some issues several people using 1.0beta2 reported. JavaGuard now supports JDK 1.4 (more precisely classes compiled with the "-target 1.2" option) and user-generated Manifest files which were processed incorrectly in the previous releases.

Everyone using the 1.0beta2 release is encouraged to upgrade to the new version.

Changes since 1.0beta2:

Bugs fixed:
* Minor fix when calculating which packages and classes may be obfuscated to prevent a possible problem when classes are matched both by a ".obfuscate" and a ".ignore" entry in the script file.

* The manifest file parser was completely rewritten. It now changes the "Main-Class" entry when the main class is obfuscated and doesn't truncate long lines anymore.

* Support for classes that were compiled by javac with the "-target 1.2" (or higher) command line option which is the default setting on JDK 1.4.

* JavaGuard now has a command line option that allows it to dump the parsed class files before they are obfuscated (for debugging purposes).

* Slight speed improvements when building the class tree.

Posted by Thorsten Heit 2002-05-12

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