Neeraj - 2012-09-27


I was working on migrating the old code to distributed locking service (LockService), which replaces DistributedLockManager. When I tried using LockService without any extra configuration, I am receiving the following error

25.09.2012 12.15.01:653 3414 WARNING {pool-3-thread-1:ster1}[1]SYNC_HASHMAP Channel configuration must include a locking protocol (subclass of org.jgroups.protocols.Locking) cannot create a channel for RHM.

I believe LockService requires its own protocol layer, as per the Java Documentation, provided on site, the sample code showed "lock.xml" with a locking protocol in it. This was used as an argument while creating a new JChannel. This channel indeed was used for LockService initialisation.

Could anyone please tell what is the content of the file "lock.xml"? Where I need to place this file in Jgroups Stack conf?