Suppored mobile devices (JMEBoy)

  • Jörg Jahnke

    Jörg Jahnke - 2008-05-10


    if you have tested JMEBoy on your mobile phone / PDA, please add to this thread, specifying the device model and whether the emulator runs or not.

    Please list the range of the emulation speed that you have experienced. You can see this speed by taking a look at the log messages which are accessible via the menu. The game "Little Fantasy" from the page is a good example to use for this speed test.


    • Jörg Jahnke

      Jörg Jahnke - 2008-05-10

      I'll start with the Nokia E65. It runs Little Fantasy at 30%-100% of the original Gameboy speed.

    • PewnyPL

      PewnyPL - 2008-05-17

      k850i - no sound (log - "Sound output deactivated. Could not create sound player) on every sample rate
      Pokemon Yellow - houses 100%, map 90-100%, battle ~85%, dialogues 40-80% (strange)

      • Jörg Jahnke

        Jörg Jahnke - 2008-06-04

        Sound will on most devices not work because J2ME offers only very limited capabilities for playback of on-the-fly created sound samples. It might work on some devices as it does work in the J2ME emulators.

        The differing speed is due to the emulator saving a lot of time when a game makes use of the HALT operation that the Gameboy CPU supports and on how much of the video screen gets modified. Depending on the two factors the emulation speed can vary as much as you experienced.

        • Sven N

          Sven N - 2009-01-11

          Sony Ericsson - C902

          - Little Fantasy runs almost @ 100% 
          - Sound is not working

          Pokemon Gold and Crytal also working very nice (70-80% frame skip=5)
          except for RTC Time Bug - I already opened a ticket for the timebug

    • Jörg Jahnke

      Jörg Jahnke - 2008-06-04

      Sony Ericsson G900: Runs Little Fantasy at 30%-100% of the original Gameboy speed.

    • Simon Williams

      Simon Williams - 2008-08-06

      I'm running Super Mario World on a Nokia 6300 at 100% and 17% idle! I was wondering why most J2ME GameBoy ports don't exploit MIDP2 sprites so that the emulator could manipulate them directly rather than have to redraw whole lines.

      • Jörg Jahnke

        Jörg Jahnke - 2008-08-08

        Regarding J2ME sprites: When using J2ME sprites it would be problematic to implement the special window and background priority handling of the Gameboy. And the benefit in terms of speed would be minimal as far as I can guess. In case of JavaGB you would additionally encounter the problem that J2ME sprites don't exist on the other supported platforms Android and Swing.

    • Jörg Jahnke

      Jörg Jahnke - 2008-08-08

      Samsung SGH-i780: Runs Little Fantasy at 100% of the original Gameboy speed. This device is fast enough, so that most games can be run at full speed :-).

    • Jörg Jahnke

      Jörg Jahnke - 2008-08-31

      Sony Ericsson K700i: Runs Little Fantasy at up to ~25% of the original Gameboy speed :-(. No good choice for the emulator.

    • Jörg Jahnke

      Jörg Jahnke - 2009-01-20

      Nokia 5800 XM: Runs Little Fantasy at 25-80% of the original speed.

    • daaceking

      daaceking - 2009-01-21

      se w910i runs approximately 90-100% speed on frameskip 5 no sound. fullscreen. smooth game (no noticeable skipped frames). keys are slightly weird due to the performance as mentioned on the bug report by "nobody" (thats me)

    • daaceking

      daaceking - 2009-01-21

      sorry, forgot to mention game name. pokemon crystal eng

    • daaceking

      daaceking - 2009-01-21

      k800i pokecrystal 90-100% f-skip 5 full screen no sound i.e. similar to w910i.

      PROBLEM, has multiple, "read user data" requests when searching for roms.

    • Jörg Jahnke

      Jörg Jahnke - 2009-01-28

      LG KC910 Renoir: Runs Little Fantasy at 30-100% of the original speed.

    • Jörg Jahnke

      Jörg Jahnke - 2009-02-01

      Sony Ericsson G705: Runs Little Fantasy at 80-100% of the original speed.

    • Jörg Jahnke

      Jörg Jahnke - 2009-05-13

      LG KS20: Runs Little Fantasy at 70-100% of the original speed.

    • daaceking

      daaceking - 2009-06-10

      Sony Ericsson W595 80-100% pokemon crystal (no sound) frameskip 5

  • Azeroth

    Azeroth - 2010-07-08

    Kinda Late, but I tested the version 1.5.3 on a Motorola Rokr E2, with Pokémon Gold (Spanish version): It runs at 85 - 95% with frameskip at 3 (fullscreen, can't disable Full Screen AntiAliasing, no sound at all), more fs didn't change the overall speed, but affects the "smoothness" of the movements…

    Kinda slow during dialogs and during battles, unfotunadly, I can't chek the emulator's log because the bug I describe next:

    It doesn't recognize the phone's softkeys, once in a game is IMPOSSIBLE return to the main menu, only suspend key is responding…

    The only way is kill the emulator, then restart it…

  • daaceking

    daaceking - 2011-12-07

    sony ericsson w995 pokemon crystal frameskip 5 very good speeds although log would say around 75%. sound supported

  • levent d

    levent d - 2014-02-22

    super mario bros deluxe edition (version 1.1 USA) (game boy color / gbc) its runing 1.5.3 version - no graph errors in game on blackberry curve 9320 its written in log message %60 - %93 of original cpu performance couldnt create sound player! sound output remains deactivated!! i could select the trackball as arrow keys in emulator on bb mobile phone but doesnt working at during games btw we can play old school games on mobiles so many many thanks!!

    Last edit: levent d 2014-02-22

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