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I'm using the 1.5.1 version on my Samsung M800 but I keep getting "Failed to load image" when I try to run gbc game roms. I have 4.8 MBs left in free memory for it to run with and have no problem running gb roms. All the files are on my SD card, and I tried reinstalling it but get the same results.


  • Jörg Jahnke

    Jörg Jahnke - 2009-10-31

    The M800, which AFAIK in Germany was released as F490, has - according to the site areamobile.de (http://www.areamobile.de/handys/1361-samsung-sgh-f490/datenblatt/features) - only 1 MB of memory available for Java applications. So, if this is true, however much memory the phone has otherwise, only 1 MB can be used for Java apps. So my fear is that only quite small ROM files will work for JMEBoy on your phone. The "-withgames" release contains e.g. the game Q-Bert, which is a GBC game but a very small one. This should work on your phone, I guess, as many other small GB/GBC ROMs. Many large ROMs though, might not work :-(. Sorry, but I can't help that...

  • Jörg Jahnke

    Jörg Jahnke - 2009-10-31
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