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1.8.0 is being worked on CVS

I'm workign on this version in CVS. This version will be targeted to eclipse 3. documetation is being improved and new templates are being added.

Posted by Miguel Griffa 2006-02-27

1.7.1 is about to be released, what do you want next?

In a few days I'm about to upload the 1.7.1 release of the builder. I have some UI issues pending, but they are not critical. I'm really interested on knowing what things users you would like to see on the builder in a future. I'd really appreciate this kind of feedback now, as RFE or just a mail to me, the form is not the real matter.
I hope you find this usefull, and if you can take some time to help me make this software better, I'd appreciate it too.

Posted by Miguel Griffa 2004-07-10

1.7.0 is faster!

In average, 1.7.0 runs in about 2/3 of the time that previous releases. There are many more performance improvements to do (and that will be done) but it is ceratinly in the right path!

Posted by Miguel Griffa 2004-06-24

1.7.0 is out!

This release includes the important refactor of pluggable (with extension points) template engines. Support for velocity and jelly out of the box, more engines can be added.

Posted by Miguel Griffa 2004-06-23

Jelly template engine works!

Current CVS version of Jelly template engine seems to be working. There are tons of optimizations to do, but seems that 1.8 is not that far...

Happy hacking!

Posted by Miguel Griffa 2004-06-17

Wow!!! CVS version has template engine extension point

The velocity template engine code was moved to a separate plugin and used throgh an interface. This seems to be working now. Next step is to add UI for selecting the template engine and finishing some configuration issues there, and writing template engine plugins!
Jelly, here we go

Posted by Miguel Griffa 2004-06-08

1.6.0 release is close

I'm about to release the 1.6.0 stable release in a few days. I've used the builder a lot, and did not found mayor problems (there are minor UI issues yet). As soon as the stable relese is created, a branch will be opened and work on the next mayor change will be started, which is pluggable template engines. This next mayor release will include velocity and jelly support. as plugins.

Posted by Miguel Griffa 2004-05-26

Documentation being improved

Since I have freezed addition of new features until the 1.6 release, I'm working on the documentation to make it as good as possible. give it a try, there are many things to do on the doc area but also many pages written that should be usefull (they are usefull to me when using the builder)

Posted by Miguel Griffa 2004-05-17

1.5.7 is out!

The 1.5.7 release is ready for downloading. This release includes all features that will be included in the next stable release. Many improvements and usability issues have been added/fixed.
Please test it and submit bug reports

Posted by Miguel Griffa 2004-05-04

HTTP Template source on CVS

The HTTP template source intends to provide a mechanism to easily share templates. The current implementation is very basic but it's designed with extensibility in mind. The purpose of this source is to provide an easy way to share templates among a group of users with well known protocols and mechanisms. At this moment is not included on any download since it has not a user-testable state yet.

Posted by Miguel Griffa 2004-04-25

1.5.3 released

This release mainly adds the workspace template source plugin, which in its initial (current) implementation scans the workspace looking for plugins and exposes them.

Posted by Miguel Griffa 2004-04-23

1.5.1 released

This release has incorporated the first big refactor: the templatesource extension point, which enables clients to provide templates to the plugin that came from whatever exotic source they can.
Many UI imporvements, including the possibility to set names and descriptions to the builders configured.

Posted by Miguel Griffa 2004-04-22

NEW! Template source extension points

The 1.5 version in CVS includes extension points for template sources. This extension point enable creating arbitrary sources for fetching templates (like HTTP, ssh, ot anything).
The plugin will initially include the filesystem and workspace providers, to use the templates as before.

Posted by Miguel Griffa 2004-04-19

1.5 under CVS

The 1.5 release of the plugin is being worked on the CVS head.
Features includes:
- A nice refactor of the ui plugin.
- Initial work on extension points. The plugin extension points will make it more flexible for contribuiting tempalte sources

Posted by Miguel Griffa 2004-04-17

Javadoc Builder 1.4.7 released

The javadoc builder is an eclipse plugin to integrate xdoclet-style functionallity into eclipse IDE.

This release includes better documentation a ready to test backend and a nice GUI to access the configured builders.

Posted by Miguel Griffa 2004-04-11